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Generate links,generate link code tool,html bbcode link generator

This page created for simple link html and bbcode code generation. Generate links tool is free and accessible for everyone. We want to provide beginners free and easy interface for generate link code.
HTML code looks like <a href='{link url}' title='{title tag}' alt='{alt tag}'>{link name}</a>.
BBcode looks like [url='{link url}']{link name}[/url].
In web terms, a hyperlink is a reference to a resource on the web. Hyperlinks can point to any resource on the web: an HTML page, an image, javascript pages ,a sound file, a movie, etc. An anchor (link name or text lable) is a term used to define a hyperlink destination inside a document. The HTML anchor element <a>, is used to define both hyperlinks and anchors.
HTML offers many of the conventional publishing idioms for rich text and structured documents, but what separates it from most other markup languages is its features for hypertext and interactive documents. Link (or hyperlink, or Web link), the basic hypertext construct. A link is a connection from one Web resource to another. Although a simple concept, the link has been one of the primary forces driving the success of the Web.
Link generator helping to get code without any coding, result can be copy pasted and inserted without any changes.
We understanding that functionality of this tool if very-very simple, but if we can help to generate link code of some other type pls told us about with using feedback.