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Random password generator online,password generation/generate

At this page you can find the random password generator online tool. It is created to generate any kind of random password values.
The most part of random password generators produce password with the length of 6-16 symbols and the chars must contain only 0-9, a-z, A-Z values. This strong password generator includes settings that are similar to 99.9% of services. When we speak about its features, we should mention a so called “passwords count” – a count of passwords to be generated per one request, one password per line. The length range is two numbers that have influence on pass length, (num1-1)>length>(num2+1). Random password generator allows you to use three types of charset, which is recommended but is not obligatory. Concerning the options "No similar chars" and "No punctuation chars" – you may learn the information from the information tips.
Password prefix is optional but very useful tool of passwords generator. You may choose one string that will be added at the beginning or you may input the list of strings that will be randomized and only one random entry will be added to each password, for instance, "mary|user|nick" - user68, nick88, nick24, mary123, user22.The main advantage is that these passwords are more human readable.

No similar chars - if this option is selected, password will contain no equal chars, if password length will be bigger then unique chars count - password length will be equal unique chars count.
No punctuation chars - this option working only for your custom chars/text, in case when your chars/text contain chars like '",./\#@; it will be removed.
Passwords count: (1-1000)    Password length: -(1-128)
0-9:     a-z:     A-Z:       No similar chars:     No punctuation chars: (remove from custom chars)   
You can input custom chars that will be used too (it can be not unique, you can paste text):
Password prefix (optional):  ("prefix1|prefix2|..." or "prefix")