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Dear Friend! Welcome to our tools for generating everything! All tools are completely accessible for free.
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Some upgrade. [News 2009-12-16]
According to forum post from Kitarist limit for usernames generation tool was increased up to 10,000. Now this tool generate only unique entries. Our dictionary of usernames was increased twice! Tnx for feedback, we hope that will help our users.

Branch activity. [News 2009-09-22]
We glad to see that out tools for generation become popular, tnx for nice feedbacks, we are a good team together ;). We waiting for new ideas about generation tools that can be useful for our users.

GENERATOR at My-Addr Project

  • Free online tool for generate link code, html bbcode link generator and generate links.
  • Free online tool for generate number list or generate random number between range.
  • Free online tool for generate random string or strings with simple interface.
  • Free random text generator online tool, created for generate random text content from words/phrases/sentences.
  • Free random password generator online tool, you can choose password generation conditions and input custom chars.
  • Free online tool for advanced generate random username(s) with using dictinary.
  • Password quality checker
  • Online tool - SSH v2 DSA key generator
  • Online tool - SSH v2 RSA key generator

It's only part of tools that will be available at this site, we will add some other tools soon.
We usign hardware-base randomizer for biggest part of this tools, it showing nice result and taking few of time.
Averyone who have any idea about some usefull tools that is not present here now can write feedback to us.